Embark on an epic journey in Dragon Adventures, the ultimate dragon taming RPG! Explore breathtaking worlds filled with majestic dragons and hidden treasures. Will you rise to become a legendary dragon master?

🎄ADVENT! Complete 3 missions and a reward EVERY DAY! What goodies will you get?
🌟New Wintery Dragon Season! Grab the new aurora borealis dragon now!
🐠New Ocean world models for Taraka and Amph! 

🗺️Explore unique worlds and unlock their secrets
🐲Discover over 80 unique dragon species
🥚Uncover, collect and HATCH dragon eggs
🏠Design your own dragon lair
🥚Raise your dragons from birth
🐉Grow MASSIVE dragon species
💨Soar high and run fast with your dragons
🔥Defeat your enemies
🏆2020 Bloxy Award Winner for Favorite Map

Tags: Dragon, Adventure, Animal, Animals, Open World, Fantasy, Exploration, Fighting, RPG, PVP, Missions


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