Welcome! This will be the map for the future ROBLOX game... Multiplayer at Freddy's! The game is currently in development and is planned to be released during the summer months of 2016. There has been SEVERAL delays, though we are still adamant about producing a high quality game. We refuse to rush the game to meet deadlines.

This map is currently in development and is not close to completion. Many assets have also been placed in unconventional spots to show them; such as Foxy. When the game is complete, it will be a strategy based game where almost all the animatronics are playable.

If you'd like to see the night guard's view, check the group page for the separate game!

If the game shuts down, it means we've updated it. Most of these are for optimization purposes: such as reducing lag.

This preview place will be up for public viewing until Febuary 21st.

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