NOTICE: If you join a server and don't see a team selection menu, try joining a new one. We're still figuring this bug out.
This game uses an anti exploit system. Using hacking clients to modify the game can wipe your progress and get you banned! 

Kick: F
Throw Player at Cursor: G 
Firing Mode: V
Ragdoll: X
Dive: Shift+X
Detonate C4: K
say "votekick playername" to votekick

v1.8.6 hotfix
-fixed a minor issue where the game was completely unplayable
-improved guard area
-made shrek faster
-added more anti lag scripts
-removed a mega gun spawner
-added another gravity coil spawner
-price increase on private servers
-fixed bikes stalling while upside down
-added knock back for sniper and deagle
-added an easier ramp next to the loop
-moved hyper bike to UFO area
-mobile coming soon

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