NOTICE: If you join a server and don't see a team selection menu, try joining a new one. We're still figuring this bug out.
This game uses an anti exploit system. Using hacking clients to modify the game can wipe your progress and get you banned! 

Punch: LMB
Kick: F
Sprint/Naruto Run: SHIFT
Crouch: C
Grab/Throw Player at Cursor: G 
Firing Mode: V
Ragdoll: X
Dive: Shift+X
Detonate C4: K
Votekick: say "votekick playername123" to cast a vote

-added riot guard gamepass
-moved raider and rebel spawns to airfield
-added more mega guns and made them better
-added gravity coil giver
-gave rebels better brick and medkit
-nerfed AK47 to take medium ammo
-made all ammo types way cheaper
-made default pistol semi auto
-reduced the amount of mines to cut down on lag
-made fences shootthruable
-made gate buttons touchable
-adjusted team gamepass prices
-fixed grabbing too many tools
-made soap despawn faster

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