NOTICE: If you join a server and don't see a team selection menu, try joining a new one. We're still figuring this bug out.

RUNKER 51 is based on the September 20th Area 51 Raid, built by the Runker Corporation. Earn Runkoin from playing and killing other players, then spend it in the shop! They can't stop all of us.

Punch: LMB
Kick: F
Sprint/Naruto Run: SHIFT
Crouch: C
Grab/Throw Player at Cursor: G 
Firing Mode: V
Take A Flop: X
Dive: Shift+X
Detonate C4: K
Votekick: say "votekick playername123" to cast a vote

-new bathroom
-new chemlab in researcher area
-radio now displays on your back at all times and has a new gui with a volume changer
-added tear gas
-added stun gun
-added REBEL gamepass team
-REBELS spawn with AK47, Crowbar and gas mask and can kill all other teams
-made ammo cheaper and in proper increments
-made megapunch respawn faster
-hid sniper in zoom mode
-lowered prices in the shop
-reduced lag a lil

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