Welcome to the Roleplay version of Site-79

Site-79 is located in ██████ North America 30 kilometers from a nearby town. Said town is aware of Site-79 but have been strictly told it is an underground government building and not to go near the facility. The site is armed with manually detonated warheads in any case of a breach due to the highly dangerous SCPs contained.

Remember, This is a Roleplay version, You can join any team and do almost anything you would like.

-Full credit to Chriscosmo12 for this site
-Credit to Marioplaysgames for the doors
-Credit to Korosofalt22 for a few SCPs here
-Credit to SCP682C for a few sounds
-Credit to Brugall for the P90 rack and other detailed models.
-Credit to fliplox for the Scientific Department lab
-Credit to SheeveXenos for the Armored

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