This game is temporarily shut down, for updates. And may not come back up. As this game will most likely be discontinued. Do note im the only dev, working on this game. And these updates may take time. 

👀TM4 possible??? 👀

use /afk to go afk. Press the button that says "Resume" to get back into the game.

Stekkert - Made the "BasePlate" map, Operation jungle map, and the obby for the lobby. 
DirtyDelta - Made the "SpookyTown" map.

-You can buy coins in the shop. (Click/Tap on the + next to the coins, in the shop.) 



Innocent: Avoid the murderer at all costs. Pick up the revolver when the 
sheriff dies to become a hero.
Sheriff: Take out the murderer before the murderer can kill everyone.
Murderer: Kill everyone before your time runs out. Don't get killed by the sheriff or a hero. (Click/Tap info for more gamemodes.)


There are currently no running experiences.