Shutdown=Update/Bug Fixes

use /afk to go afk. Press the button that says "Resume" to get back into the game.

Stekkert - Made the "BasePlate" map, Operation jungle map, and the obby for the lobby. 
DirtyDelta - Made the "SpookyTown" map.

-You can buy coins in the shop. (Click/Tap on the + next to the coins, in the shop.) 

-Redesign the Inventory UI (PC users only. Might redesign the mobile and xbox Inventory.)

-Removed the old Inventory design (Might add a settings menu to bring back the old Inventory design)

-c.Heat got a retexture and renamed to "Chroma Heat"


Innocent: Avoid the murderer at all costs. Pick up the revolver when the 
sheriff dies to become a hero.
Sheriff: Take out the murderer before the murderer can kill everyone.
Murderer: Kill everyone before your time runs out. Don't get killed by the sheriff or a hero. (Click/Tap info for more gamemodes.)


There are currently no running experiences.