Current features:
Placement of models, inside own territory only.
Saving of placed models, come back and continue your city
Leaderstats for Gold, profit, expense, and gain.
Profit and expense is generated by buildings
Gain is your profit minus your expense, this is what you earn/lose every minute
Saving of said stats
Some roads and paths, may be changed eventually
Some houses, however UI isn't fully updated to it.

Planned features:
Better UI
Better/more buildings
Industrial zones, Commerical Zones, and Residential Zones, and respective buildings.
Better/more sounds
Happiness of citizens, crime rate, fire rate, etc. Buildings to boost these values
Lots more!

Basically aiming towards a barebones game that has the core components before focusing on buildings, the ui, and other things that finish the game. This means that you may not see very many changes towards playability for a while.


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