a realistic ragdoll physics simulator / test / engine.
just call it whatever you want lol

For fighting and picking up players you need to have PVP ON.
Stomping requires precision and enough size difference.
Players in safezone (spawn) cannot be interacted with.

Mobile - tap controls on screen
(Q) TO OPEN MENU (scale, teleport, radio etc.)
R to ragdoll, E to toggle antigravity,
V to reset, C to toggle first person camera.

Like what you see? You can donate by buying a VIP server!
Everyone on VIP server gets scaling up to 50 and there's no titan limit.
It's a subscription so remember to cancel it if you don't want to use it anymore.

Version - another attempt to fix tinies resetting in titan's hand, lighting is brighter like it used to be in the much older version
Version 0.1.6 - full changelog here

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