a realistic ragdoll physics simulator / test / engine.
just call it whatever you want lol

This project is in very early stages so things might break and change all the time. REJOIN TO FIX.
Have a problem? Open the developer console (F9) and send me a screenshot on my twitter.

Like what you see? You can donate by buying a VIP server!
Everyone on VIP server gets scaling up to 50 and can even scale while titan!
It's a subscription so remember to cancel it if you don't want to use it anymore.

Q to toggle menu, R to ragdoll
E to toggle antigravity, V to reset
C to toggle first person camera

Version 0.1.3:
- It now uses multiple ray casts instead of only one
- It's easier to hit somebody and you can even hit few players at once.
- Servers were made smaller

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