realistic ragdoll physics simulator, engine, hangout.

v0.2.5b - fixed radios (cuz i was optimizing scripts)
v0.2.5 - color your nametag, bomb can stick to heads now, hide nametags, planking bug, cinematic mode (no hud), optimizations and fixes.

Q - MENU (Gamepasses, Settings, Avatar, Teleports, Radio etc.)
R - Ragdoll, E - Antigravity, Z - Reset, C - First Person Camera, F - Emotes

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Don't see some tools on mobile? Tap 3 dots in right top and then tap on inventory in drop down menu.

RT is a size difference game, if you cannot hit someone even with PVP enabled, they're likely too big for you to hit. If someone can't be damaged, they turned off damage in settings. Remember you cannot hit pvp off and safezone players!

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