A new and extra-ordinary way of sword fighting!
Swords are very easy to use! Click once to slash it, click 3 times in a row to lunge! These swords are congruent to realism, so make sure you stab someone without hitting their sword or a big recoil can occur!

You respawn in a base, a safe place to be where you can relax and know that the other team won't get you. This area has spawns, a team switching room, and a health pad. Notice that only you and your team can go into the specific one.

Doomsday Events:
Upon every activation, a doomsday event occurs, leaving the only thing important is trying to survive and work together, well you don't have to work together. One way to always survive these no matter what, is to be in the base. In order for doomsday to be activated, you must complete the doomsday course, you then get to choose a doomsday switch. Note that while a doomsday event is occurring, you cannot complete the obby. Every event lasts 2 minutes.

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