⚠This game is EXTREMELY hard for new players. New players are required to learn a lot about the game and practice complicated skills. You are warned!

redeem "enjoy_discontinued"

This game is made for PC. Make sure to play on PC for  the best experiences.

Click the 'Catalog' button to be able to select and use gears. Type in random words in the catalog to explore what weapons it has to offer.

Peace is no option! A gear fighting game inspired by Catalog Heaven with many changes - including gear stat changes, custom weapons, revamped weapons, and more! Various weapons can be unlocked by buying them with gearcoins, fishing on the various floating islands or killing bosses or exploring the other worlds.

Programmer: @Yumikoiru, @Stellabotrus & @basbas1234
Builders: @LeonAragaki, @TimeSyndrome & @Misokabocha
Thanks, @TakeoHonorable & @MrFlach for more gear revamp.

If you want to report bugs, join Periastron Studios.


There are currently no running experiences.