This game supports PC, VR, Console, and Mobile.

A mixture of Human: Fall Flat, VR, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, and Gang Beasts.

currently just a testing place.

Hold X to see controls in-game.

Fixes in v 2.1.5:
- Major inventory bugfix, lost items should be there now.
- Fixes.

New in v 2.1:
- Mobile overhaul! (new buttons, fixed glitches with buttons)
- Many optimizations to improve performance!
- Item names will show in the grab indicators now.
- Hands now must be extended for grab indicators to be visible.
- New camera system, press Alt to unlock/lock mouse.
- Some sounds for walking on different materials.
- Sound for storing items in your inventory.
- All issues with the inventory should now be resolved.
- Some VR issues fixed.
- Bugfixes.

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