Update Log:
- Logue Town Added
- Accessories Added (More Will Be Added Eventually)

Current Fruits:
Bara, Mera, Magu, Doku, Moku, Nikyu, Buddha, Goro, Pika, Yomi, Suna, Ito, Yami & Zushi

- Geppo Is Based On Camera Manipulation
- 1 Random Devil Fruit+Haki Book Spawns Every 30 Minutes / Despawn 15 Minutes
- Shanks/Whitebeard/Mihawk NPC Spawn Every 2 Hours / Despawn 15 Minutes 
- Bosses Take 5 Minutes To Respawn 
- Most Islands Have A Quest Board

VIP Servers: 
- Chests Don't Spawn In VIP Servers 
- Yeti Doesnt Spawn In VIP Servers

VIP Servers

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