Welcome To Camping!🏕🗻

Camping is a game where relaxing and having fun with other players is inevitable. Through camping, mining and exploration, you can buy food like s’mores from the Camp Mart to bond with new friends around the iconic fireplace or simply hang out at the cozy cabin! 🙈 (Many hidden wonders to be found!) 🤭🤫
There are also many tools at your disposal for hunting. Some drops like meat can be eaten (cooked) while others can be sold at the Camp Mart for money.
However, beware! Sly foxes will steal items from you.🦊

In Camping, you are camping in a fun nature reserve featuring dozens of natural wildlife, beautiful greenery and endless possibilities.
Knowing this, Camping can be played as a roleplay game, an exciting adventure game or both depending on what you decide. 

Camping was made in collaboration of ScottSpiritWalker (The creator of Growing Up) and G2_funny.

Suggestions are welcome! Follow me to message me.
Have fun! 😁🍀✨

~G2 & Gymsie


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