⭐1/2 - Update⭐
✨ New Lobby Updates - Tower Obby and Classic Map Room
🗺️ New maps - Egypt, Launch Site, and Snow Village!
🧊 New ice skins - Heart & Galactic Ice!
✨ New tagger effect - Fireworks (Use code "newyear23" to unlock, expires 2/1)

👪Join the fan group for exclusive chat tags, showcasing your skill!👪

🔥Pick up Tools around the map to help you freeze or unfreeze other players!

🔥 5 Action Packed Game Modes:
⚡Freeze Tag - Tag people to freeze / unfreeze them 
🔪Murder Freeze Tag- Taggers have knives that they tag with, some sheriffs have guns to unfreeze runners
💣Grenades and Guns - Taggers have grenades to freeze runners and runners have revolvers to unfreeze other runners
🧟Infection - If you are tagged by a tagger, you become a tagger
🚨Jailed Up - The taggers have handcuffs to put the runners in jail, and the runners have keys to free other runners from their cells

Formally Minion Freeze Tag 2

VIP servers do not award stats


There are currently no running experiences.