No. This is not a joke. I've decided to revive Anything Goes from my old account (MasterShadowEnderman).
I've also decided to revive Master's Neighborhood from my old group too.
Anything Goes is a pseudo script fighting game. It means that you have to have an admin to be with you to have scripts.
Don't worry, since I'll make any friend that asks me to be admin. There will be players with the owner rank, too.
If you're caught abusing scripts then you have the rights to be kicked, banned, warned, etc.
This game features more tools and more scripts, at the expense of some old scripts being removed. Don't worry, since this game has more scripts, you'd forget that there were some old scripts.
The scripts, however, aren't immune to respawning. If you respawn, then the scripts are good as gone from you.

Note to admins: Don't just drag and drop the scripts. Instead, you have to use the copy and paste feature from the explorer. Won't be hard.

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