Version: DEMO v.0.9.7.x

⚠️Try out customization for the NSX and the S15 Silvia!⚠️

• Over 130+ Unique Buyable cars!
• Deep and advanced car customization.
• 5 Different Maps!
• Challenge different players!
• More coming soon!
This is a racing sim-cade where you can purchase and customize between 130+ different unique cars to drive in a virtual recreation of Tokyo, Japan with its vast expressways and sweeping mountain passes. Upgrade and visually change your vehicle to progress in your ranks, socialize with your friends and compete with other players for money and status!

This game is still in development.  There will be much more to do and many more places to explore in the final product.  For now, the game is still in DEMO stage, so expect bugs and unfinished features

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