A classic edition of Admin House where you must complete an obstacle course to unlock admin so that you can build, listen to music, and more! You can save commands and builds (see :cmdbox and F3X :btools for the options). F3X building tools are mobile-compatible and feature multi-selecting parts (use the bottom right-hand corner button on mobile).

To save a build, select all the items you want to save in F3X (see multi-select for mobile above). Then, press the save button. At the moment, decals are only permitted on VIP servers. You can still save/load them, but they'll only show up on VIP servers. They'll be brought back to normal servers in the next big update (April).

Say ":cmds" for a list of commands.

[Version 3.3.1]:
- New anti-build-lag feature (BETA testing)
Say ":gamechangelog" for more information.

Send me a PM if you run into any bugs/suggestions (or join the server below and report them there). The server link below has been updated (as of 4/19).

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