Video is a little outdated, for the instructions can be found in the game itself now; however, if needed, check out the social link for the offsite version of instructions.

This is a game that utilizes glitches associated with some (mostly) transport type gears, and gears that compliment said transport gears in order to get through obstacles. I call this "Glitch Riding". It's a rather difficult game and the instruction's length reflects that, so all I ask is that you practice quite a lot before giving your final thoughts.

I'm accepting community-made maps; if you're thinking of making one (Or just want to bring the fun home) then I highly suggest taking this model as it will save you some time:

(Free models were used to compensate for a lack of skill (In scripting mostly) and for the sake of time)
(If the main game hasn't been updated in a while, it's likely that I've been updating a map)


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