Current version of the game: BETA V1.01


~~~~UPDATE INFO~~~~ 
-Added a new structure! Stone walls
-You can now connect Wooden floors,Ocean platforms,Wood frames,Door frames,Stone walls and Wooden fences!
-Fixed & Nerfed the Fire Item
-Made rotating angle bigger
-Made animals spawn 3 times rarer
-Made thunder lights (during rain) 3 times rarer
-Fixed crouching rendering names incorrectly
-Fixed the thirst/hunger/sleep bug after death
-Made NPCs spawn on animal spots
-Fixed stats for badges not resetting after death
-Fixed the bug where you could get more than one kill per player
-Fixed a rain bug
-Made structures despawn after they hit 0 HP or less
-Fixed the duplication glitch
-Fixed the bug where you could hit arrows through walls

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