(BADGE!!!) Kamen Rider (READ DESC!!!) [BETA V2.2]

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[Fixed a few glitches and working on VIP] (game play is like a mixture of Ultimate Powers, motorcycles, and battlegrounds!) [Based off the popular TV show Kamen Rider] You have been chosen as one of the Kamen Riders. For what reason, no one knows. Be careful, its every Kamen Rider for him (Or her) self. Welcome to the Rider War. Use the Advent Deck tool for most everything. Charge up your energy by holding down the left mouse button. Draw an Advent Card by pressing a button on the keyboard with the Advent Deck tool selected. Some buttons do attacks, others do not, some cards may even disadvantage you! The key to winning the Rider War is knowing your cards, and using them well. If a cycle gets stuck, or falls over, use the "Flip Cycle" GUI. (Yes, i do know I used a couple free models, but I wanted to make a fun game, and to do that I needed a little help ;)

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