*This game IS NOT completed!* 
A BIG update is coming on it's way, thanks for everyone's support!

Welcome to Weaponry! A PVP Shooter game where you fight other players with a variety choices of weapons.
This game is not completed yet, no official launch date is planned so far. 

1/9 Update:
Dev note:
The new AUG has arrived! With brand new models and animations and stats. Plus some of the QOL changes have been delivered to the game. Enjoy!

- New revamped AUG.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed crappy bullet hitboxes in the lobby.
- Fixed explosives not dealing damage if the eliminator is eliminated.
- Bullet will now go through teammates.
- Players can no longer collide through enemies.
- “No” vote in votekick will now account to the result now.
- A lot of backend bug fixes and improvements.

No second chance for exploiting.
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