Outpost Eclipse I | Built and scripted by Imperis in 2019. Credit to TGI/successors for some assets.

- No preflooding; DM a Consul+ prior to raiding. 
- Excess toxicity or complaining won’t be tolerated. Address complaints to Imperis.
- Hostiles must capture Pipe Point to access the rest of the map. 
- No frog jumping. Stacking is allowed. 
Outpost Eclipse I is an ADF outpost 6 lightyears from Aeis that functions as a transmission relay for the 3 ADF fleets that protect Aeis, Capris, and Releya. If the fleets’ movements and objectives fall into enemy hands, over 50 billion Auraxian lives may be endangered.

Raider to defender count:

Pipe Battle (25 minutes to capture Pipe): 7 to 5.
8 to 6
10 to 8
12 to 10
This base is defender-sided because IF/A isn’t a stacked clan; we primarily recruit people from outside the gun clan community. It is, however, completely winnable with a competent raid team.  

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