Currently there are some issues with the inventory and boss spawning. This will need some time to fix, we are actively working on it!

Survive boss battles to gain points to buy cool weapons and gadgets!
You can defeat bosses! Every boss has their own weakness that allows you to survive them easier!
There are quests and side quests, some bosses have weapon drops!
There are currently 60 bosses, and 22 different maps.
Join group "Anti-Boredom" for DOUBLE health!

- New INDEX Showing discovered bosses and maps!
- Tiers, mechs and index menus merged together,
- Halloween update has ended,

🔨Planned Future Updates:
- Bigger maps? 👀
- Lots of new TIERS,

❗️ WARNING: This game contains RIDICULOUSLY hard bosses and can create lag for slower devices!


There are currently no running experiences.