Update 3 (Fix): Fixed issue with mobile users that was disallowing the ability to jump. (You can jump again)

On a serious note, I am getting a lot of feedback, even now, that I am disgracing Nimblz and his creation after his passing. I am here to tell you that while he was still with us, the game was OPEN-SOURCE before he left us, and now this game is respectfully a memorial of his great work. It may not be a good one, but it is now dedicated to honor him and the life he lead.

WARNING: this game is a big meme, so don't take it too seriously!
Huge thanks to Nimblz for the base game!
The entire game is a meme, and it should be treated as such. Your egg character has been replaced with a sonic head, and all the coins have been made into sonic rings. Run and jump around to discover all the secret areas and find the portals. This game really has no purpose, it's just here to entertain you in dire situations. Thanks for playing, and have a meme-filled day.


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