Game inspired by Marvel.

Most Engaging Infinity Gauntlet game! Collect Stones to reach limitless power...

V2 was released on 7/7/2022

--Added "Lunar"--
- Alien like island with some strange structures.
- Holds rare resources that can be used for something useful.
- New and strong enemies to go with this world.

--Added The Hadron Enforcer--
- Q for Charge
- E for mode
- Click to Use

--Lunar NPCs--
- Lunar World NPC
- Named "NPC 2.0"
- 1 in 200 chance for a Lunar Fragment

--Servant Of Celestial [LVL 3]--
- Lunar World NPC
- 1 in 200 chance for a Celestial Scrap

- Concept inspired by Push noobs off a cliff 
- This game was actually created on 7/7/2019 it overlapped another game.

Thanos Simulator is a solo project by Blg42598. I have been working on this since 2019.


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