(NOTE: Gamepasses are still functional)
This is one of many islands in the Pearl Islands of Panama that contain approximately 100 islands. Many of them tiny and uninhabited. They're located in the Bay of Panama, around 30 miles from the coast. NCR were creating many military actions here due to resources found on the island. There was an excavation sight being used to mine materials until one day hostiles attacked and took the site from the NCR and created a fortress. For months both forces have been trying to gain control points on the island.

It's been months (Maybe even years) since NCR has last been here. The operation was called off after the memorialization of NCR in 2014. Some say many secrets can still be found here. The wildlife on the island has worked its way in to the facilities found here. Most of the lights that used to be lit are no longer functional and have turned off. The buildings are being consumed by the darkness of the jungle.


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