Console Controls (When Obtained): 
DPad: Devil Fruit Ability Selection. 
Left Trigger(L2): Activate Selected Devil Fruit Ability. 
B: Buso Haki. 
Y: Observation Haki. 
X: Dash. 
L3: Shave. 

VIP servers disable experience, cash, bounty, kills, and Sam's quest timer. Owners of VIP servers have a special "VIP Rush Timer" for Sam's quest while in their private server. VIP Rush Timers have a 2x chance of giving a Rare or an Ultra Rare from their compasses, and cost less than a normal Rush Timer. Every 50 VIP Rush Timers now gives a bonus Golden Compass!

Shop image by: Xakuf 
Treasure Box mesh and model work by: AeryalSpy.
Many fruit meshes and textures created by: DubExit.
Many other fruit and cosmetic meshes by: ADM1RAL_KIZARU


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