News: Added new cars and other vehicles. Added helicopter. If you encounter any problem please post on the group wall. If you want to talk in private message me on Dis: AquariusMonkey#2074
🔨 Updates - Added multiple cars, fixed some bugs causing cars to despawn, added a helicopter, still working on helicopter
📜 Credits - DxrkDesire, xXPROSAMXx
🛠️ Devlopers - DxrkDesire, xXPROSAMXx
🎮 Beta Tester - xXPROSAMXx
📢 Upcoming Updates - Adding gamepasses soon, working on thumbnails.
  ❕  Information - How to control helicopter: Hold Q+Y at the same time and wait until smoke comes out of the helicopter. The driver's seat is the right hand front seat. 


There are currently no running experiences.