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⚙️Type in :cmds in the chat to view commands! (Purchase the Admin products in-game for more commands!)

If you purchase the nuke dev product, use ":nuke"!

➡️You are allowed to abuse to a certain amount, an example would be ":kick someone" or ":ban someone", You arent allowed to abuse servers, Example ":ban all" or "kick all". Or don't use ":shutdown" or ":place"
➡️Follow the Roblox TOS
➡️Have fun!

⚠️ How to Play⚠️
You have cool admin powers which allow you to do awesome commands like ":Icecream" or ":poop". This game does allow a little bit of abuse but the biggest rule is to have Fun!

🔨Admin Powers💥 allows you to:
Play with commands ⭐
Chat with others 😎
And so much more!

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