After rapid advancements in technology, humanity invested everything they had into space exploration, exploring as many planets as they could. After almost all of their resources have been expended, and materials were running out, they discovered something... astronomical. A huge planet, a mega-planet; with many mysterious areas, and materials that rivaled magic itself. In the race for extreme amounts of wealth, the prospectors have went on an excursion to the mega-planet, cracking open the surface and reaping its materials to refine and process them in the race for ultimate power. 

You are one of those people. 

Welcome, to the Astral Excursion.

Joining the group gives you some astrolite and an exclusive item ingame.

New codes at 3,000 likes, and 10,000 favorites.

       If you experience any issues while playing make sure to contact the developer account (@DStone_Studios) or talk to someone in the community server.


There are currently no running experiences.