The Sunken City of R'lyeh

Your journey begins through a travel of a dimensional portal from an old ruin, decrepit and engaged by malevolent Earthquakes caused by the earth shifting.

Where the dead sleep ever trapped by incantations, the City of R'lyeh is a beacon and a symbol of pilgrimage, exploration and a home to the ones serving many things below, human or otherwise..
The magics of all in the universe do not wait, the choice is yours...

Suddenly the old runes would glow and the ground would rumble... Deep in the ocean a voice called for the mightiest warriors to battle with spell and steel. Many combatants would begin entering arenas to duel their opponents. A never ending battle in R'lyeh the Sunken City would ensue. 

Sunken City:

Built by Castlestarr

Scripted by  MonkSaru, Decode_Unicode, MonolithicDivinity, Golubian, and UndoneArrobs

Modelling by SobSyphix, XerkosWinter, and icelandic123

Edited by Rukiras, FlorianoKingfire, BelgianWinter.

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