Discover how the Nightmare began in this new installment of the Hospital Nightmare series. The official launch date for this has not been decided yet, but we assume that it will be sometime around early 2016. Follow us on twitter: @ColdRoblox and @BloqqRBLX NOTE: This game is designed to scare you. It will contain graphic content. You have been warned. It has been over 3 years since the launch of Hospital Nightmare 5, and we thought it would be awesome to bring you how the whole Nightmare began. Now don't be fooled. This is not the ordinary Hospital Nightmare game. We are going to be ###### #### # ##### new experience of horror! Developers: ColdRBLX, Bloqq. Artists: HazwadHD. Music: Kmansong2 Effects: TheGh0strunner. (This will be paid access until the official launch of the game! After that it will be free to play!)

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