Welcome to Meme Music! Where it's just a bunch of meme songs...

If you would like to play, talk with me, please join any of the Social Links below. If you would like to suggest a song that isn't copyrighted, and is on Roblox, and is not already in the game, then please join the 1st Social Link below and tell us! TO REPORT A BUG, please join the any of the social links below!

 Shutdown = Update

- A new Menu GUI! It's now located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen
- New Hotkey! Press F to open the new Settings (Left D-Pad to open on Xbox)
- Max players increased from 40 to 45 (3 Reserve)
- Chat Ads will now show up every 3 minutes
- Fixed chat scrolling issues
- Other Minor Changes

- New Shop Item: Disco! - It's Cheap!
- Changed some button layout orders
- Mini Shop Gui Revamp (Adjustments may be made)
- Disabled Chat Ads
- Other Minor Changes

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