/pay to give money, /drop to drop tools or backspace, Vendors and Gamepass shops are around the map just look around.
Hello, and welcome to East Hollywood, here you will be able to do as you wish, become a hard-working Police Officer and fight criminals and defend the city and its people.
If being a police officer is not your taste then maybe being a Senator or A Judge or run for Mayor, it is all up to you in this Fast-paced action RPG shooter.
None of that suit what you want to do? Maybe become a Criminal and smuggle goods and help the local crime lords with tasks and jobs to make some easy cash, but be careful Police Officers will be on your tail trying to stop you and arrest you.
Make your choices, choose your path, all in East Hollywood, Los Angeles the city of Angels.
Credits to:
dylandevs - Builder
Marcus760 - UI Designs
CosmicStars - Scripting
Wusami - Builder
Kato - Builder
S_ntinel - Scripting

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