Welcome to CC, where you can adventure with friends, role-play and even battle against others! 

(This game may need some time to load in and may be mesh/part heavy to users with slow internet, sorry in advance.)

Uncover the hidden secrets, explore the open world. What will you find?

-How do I unlock more critters?
 By finding them hidden around the world, there are shiny variants and special skins! Re-join to let them activate

-A big thanks to, 
The Phoenixdex(website) / Phoenixsong(website-owner), Smolasaur, BaniKittyCat and many others! More info about these users/website can be found below in the social link or/and group!

-Join the group for updates and more! Updates can be found in the group or in the social link!


There are currently no running experiences.