🔥Welcome to Ragdoll Grounds! 

You can group up or be a soloist and fight your opponents, ride rockets, get sprees & obtain special weapons when going on sprees! 
Earn coins when you finish your opponents or by completing achievements! Use those coins to buy weapons, emotes & other goodies from the shop and find a loadout that suits you!

[Q] - Toggle Ragdoll 
[R] - Reload 
[Shift] - Sprint 
[C] - Slide (Must be sprinting) 
[B] - Radio (Gamepass)
[X] - Finisher / Throw Carried Ragdoll 

@mintfie - Icons, Textures, Building.
@Luzooix - Models 

⭐ Private Servers offer private server commands (Note: data-saving is disabled in private servers)


There are currently no running experiences.