You are invited to a party hosted by your friend! Isn’t that super exciting? It’s going to be such a blast at a super fun party! You can stuff your face with cake, socialize with other people, and do fun activities! Who knows what exciting things can happen! So get ready for this party that is hosted by your good friend! Nothing wrong can happen to this party! Right...?
{Game Built 🛠️ and Coded 📜 by Revelted}

-I am accepting fan art! DM me on Twitter! @Zwelfium-

You get 50 cash per round you play! going to add coins around the map as well!

[Inspired by Camping!]

Sorry, if there are bugs in this game! This game is still in Beta, so please be patient for it to be fixed.

But if you do see bugs occur in the game, report to this account on Twitter: @Zwelfium

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