(Be aware some bugs will exist and lag issues are present)

Cooperative strategy RPG that tells a story.
Emblems are tools created by the gods, their source of power comes in almost infinite supply. The source of their power is "spirit", when anything passes away, a trace of it is still left behind. With these emblems, as well as the advancements in technology, humans are challenging the gods. The world is coming to an end, at least for mankind and gods alike. How will you protect it? Do you really believe in following the light of the gods?

Original soundtrack, music safe for YouTube.

Update Log: 3/29/20
-Multiplayer battles are back thanks to some bug fixes
-Extra enemies can spawn in fights with many players
-Emblem speed fixes
-Lag fixes
-Some weapon rebalancing
-Defense breaking renamed to Stasis, with new animations

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