Great Citadel of Difficulty Chart is an extremely long tower that slowly gets harder as you ascend it. 

The game is currently incomplete, so if you have any questions or concerns please message me. (I am not answering suggestions, only bugfixes and questions)

Amount completed as of right now: 44/111 Floors.

Update: (June 22nd)
Happy 100K visits... O_O
- Added the first map section
- Added 4 new floors
- Added a spectate button

not currently accepting any help

Credits go to:
Obivously JToH for inspiring this (its literally 111 floor version of a JToH tower, its pretty inspired IMO.)
diamondkfc (me)
Moffled (some of the earlier floors)
blender_cxii (floor 10)
punkyjoe (2 floors)
joaovitorpcosta (1 floor in medium that i forgot)


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