Ciao! Welcome to Vintesque Italia! ✿

Based in Tuscany, Italy, Vintesque is a secluded clothing store that is inspired by beautiful low-slung hills, flora, and compact housing. It takes the form of a mini Italian village, providing a comfortable, fun, and unique shopping experience!

🛍️ To purchase/try on an outfit in game, simply click the mannequin that displays the outfit you are interested in. 

👕 Each server has different outfits on display! You can access more servers by purchasing a free VIP server. 

🦋 Join our communications server to support us and participate in our events/collaborations: .gg/9VTgzNx

-- Update Log for Patch 1.4 --
╰︰Latest update: 11/13/2022
╰︰Updated content: UI improvements, updated graphics & outfits
╰︰Report any bugs to poiseun 


There are currently no running experiences.