A work in progress Glitchtale fighting game. Inspired by the Undertale AU (Alternate Universe) Glitchtale.

Update Logs
- Papyrus remake made by Xyrosic.
- Halloween themed map.

Shutdown = Update

Autofarming is NOT allowed, if you get caught doing that, you will be reset and banned for a week. If you autofarm in spawn box, you will be banned for a month because it's killing players who are spinning.

Group Link:!/about

The text that tells your power is a button, click it to open the movelist.

To use your skills, click keybinds 1 - 5. Some skills requires you to have a weapon equipped if there is one, click Q to equip it.
Click Ctrl to toggle run/walk.

VIP Servers

  • Play this game with friends and other people you invite.
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