Roleplay game based on Danganronpa.
22 students get trapped into closed school. Will fall into Despair, Or you will believe in Hope?
You have some special talent that may help you with surviving in this "Dream Academy". 
Will you die, or survive? Only you decide!
Game has :
- Custom faces with talking animation.
- WORKING Class Trial. (With windows and stuff)
- BULLETS OF TRUTH System. (You will be really able to use them at Class Trial)
- Ability to pick up item and wear them/hold them for RP actions!
Put Favorite and Like on game if you liked it, it makes motivation for me!
Game is in BETA, it will get a lot of updates.
"Danganronpa" writing on the thumbnail is not mine, it is another FanDanganronpa logo being re-made, I do not own it.


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