Game name changed to its original name back in 2016.

DISCLAIMER AND INFO: My game is unfinished. Don't ask for entirely new features on this version, for I will continue work on another game. Until that game is finished, this game will not receive any major updates.   However, this game will stay up permanently.  If you want more information on this new project, it will be a completely different game as opposed to the GTA/Postal 2 style this old version goes for.  The new game is meant to be similar to Bloxburg and Urbis, except with a more realistic setting.  There will be crime as well in this new game, but will be very punishing.  The new game will offer perma-death, making you lose all items you carry if you die.


Badfood2/Badfood3: Weapon Models
NooberBuilder/Insanity_Lunar: Some of the newer buildings
builderwaci: Scripter, Builder, And Animator
isaacay: Main Scripter
SHANE_7320: Security Manager

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