This game is in early stages of development. Therefore, all the data earned will be wiped upon release. Official release date is uncertain, because we want to provide the best experience. Also, please message me if you find anything in regards to bugs, glitches, and more! 

Martial Arts Battle Realm is a game where you fight and achieve victory to earn different Belts, Auras and so much more!

Updates Checklist:
New GFX [✓]
New Badges & Gamepasses [✓]
Walk In Water [✓]
Better Lighting [✓]
New Logo [✓]
Better UI Design [X]
Fighting System [X]
Anti-Hacks [X]
20+ Animations [X]
Auras [X]
Wins Above Player [X]
Stat Reset [X]
Trading [X]
Stats [X]

-Major update coming very soon!

Owner & Builder: TradingWithStyle
Co-Owner & Scripter: KamikazeJAM108867
Artists: iNxme & dens_saputra & coolkingll & tigerstroke
Animator: RobotRob10

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