this thing is so far gone at this point. but with roblox's deletion of audios i think that's really the nail in the coffin.

i would like to (unironically) thank everybody who's played this. you made my day when i saw the first hundred thousand visits years ago and still blow my mind with every million more.

personally, i can't think of a game more undeserving of such a following, the scripting is god awful and the gameplay is incredibly boring. Not to mention the jokes aged like fine milk over the years.

i saw no real reason to maintain this game after the first year but was too attached to take it down. now after three years of just slowly decaying as textures get removed and scripts become outdated, it's time to finally lay the place to rest.

i don't know if i'll ever make another game at this point, but if i do, everyone who contributed to thanos maze via gamepasses will get something in return.

thanks for everything.


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