theres problems in data store script, some stuff from this game that will be in bingo sim (exclusive in bingo sim): uno card, good boy, umbrella & cash with the badges now

talk to the staffs at the counter to play, you do not need to equip your card to win btw

no spamming pls

welcome to afk and wait till its your magic number simulator
or i would like to call it:
the ultimate rng simulator
away from keyboard sim
wait for a year simulator
listen to music i guess sim
i am running out of ideas sim
maybe sometimes lazy to update main game and challenge myself to make a new game to test the limit of my scripting skill by adding useless horrible updates nobody asked for and learn something from this experience till i get a great idea simulator
just add badges cause i am more focused on my other game simulator
earthquake simulator
i dont update this game anymore but maybe badges simulator
i update the music only i guess sim


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